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Strat-O-Matic Ballpark Codes
Updated Ballpark Codes for Strat-O-Matic with new codes that match our homebrewed ballparks - contributed by Ron Patalona

Team Names over the years - contributed by Ron Patalona

SOM Ballpark Codes for Strat-O-Matic

Many of these parks have been supplied with an addendum to the code in order to distinguish them from those supplied by the game. This code must be adjusted to the SOM norm before use. For example, Bp053c + its Bp053c.loc will not work if installed "as is". Please edit both files to: Bp053 + Bp053.loc.(This last period for punctuation purpose only  .)

You may wish to use this file as the "day game" representation + a different file for the "night game". If that's the case you would instead edit the files to: Bp053d + Bp053d.loc.

You'll note a wide variety of addendum used by the author as a means of distinguishing different versions of a BP image. These letters added to the code are superfluous. The game will accept but 3 types of code: generic (Bp001/ Bp001.loc); day (Bp001d/ Bp001d.loc); night (Bp001n/ Bp001n.loc). Please make certain that you edit any nonconforming files before use.

Once you've prepared the file for gaming you need to insert it into the file directory. The home of these files is the Cdrombb/ Data folder. If your selected BP doesn't conflict with a BP already resident in the Data directory you may paste your BP package directly in. For example, if you wish to use Bp031 (Memorial Stadium)for Baltimore and you do not own the SOM oldtime ballparks disk then there should be no conflict in the Data dir. After pasting in your version you'd check that the team for which you're using this park has been amended to park # 31 under _Team/ Update Ballpark Info_.

If you own the oldtime parks yet wish to use these versions you have the option of adding the following to the SOM oldtime version: locate the SOM Bp031 + Bp031.loc + add the designation _old_, as in Bp031old+ Bp031old.loc. This will keep the SOM park available to you for easy reference yet will not be called on by the game engine, leaving your "new" replacement park to be used. As well, you may simply wish to remove any SOM oldtime files to a separate folder of your creation.

Perhaps you may wish to use the "70s" version of Bp008 (Wrigley) for an older season replay but still want the contemporary SOM version available for recent seasons. The game will accept numbering between 000-099 (but not above). You might select a number of a park that you don't have a use for, say, Bp034 (League Park) + assign that # for your older version of Wrigley. Just remember to both edit the BP files + adjust under Team/ Up BP Info. Or you may select a higher # at random (particularly if you've no intention to use the really old parks that we co-opted the 080-099 #s for).

There's a vast range of quality here, from quite good (though please don't expect anything as class as the SOM contemporaries) to "what on earth" offered as a misguided attempt to provide an alternative. Most (though not all...Houston, hello!) should provide more enjoyment than SOM's oldtime parks.

If you experience a problem using (or attempting to!) these please drop a note to TheStadiumCrew@HighInTheSkybox.con enclosing a money order of \$25.00 (US funds only please) for each access violation encountered.

After a suitable wait of 3 or 4 months without a reply you may then, as a last resort, send a plaintive message to the author at Email - Len Durrant . who promises not to laugh.

The Stadium Crew - Building better BPs through alchemy

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All Color BPs require the SOM Color BP Key Disk*
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